hi, i’m cassy.

Let's talk about what makes us uncomfortable for a minute.

The division in our country is affecting the workplace. Are your employees feeling uncomfortable and don’t know how to talk about our divide? Do they know how to talk about race? Racism? Sexuality? Diversity or any other uncomfortable issues?

I create a safe space with your employees and have them talk about uncomfortable topics in a non-confrontational way. And yes, this happens at work.

Let’s create an inclusive working environment for everyone. People may not have an outlet at home. Give them the chance to talk about our division and how to unite in the work place.

I grew up as a triple minority in this country. Many times, I’ve seen the shift from people who were against who I am or what I believe simply by talking to them. I’ve been hurt and I’ve experienced discrimination throughout the years. Now, I’ve learned to manage that hurt for the better good. Let me help you. Unity is attainable. 

We all have a story and we all have reasons why. Let’s hear each other out in a respectful, open and safe environment. Let’s learn about each other and begin to bridge our gaps. 

Call me.

If you are in the field of education and seek this type of conversation for your students, teachers or administrators, give me a call. 

Let’s work together to improve the social conditions in our world, one intelligent conversation at a time.

“Cassy is a dynamic speaker. Her program is real and thought provoking.”

- Andrea Weule, Real Estate Investor

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